Friday, May 16, 2014

Show Me Again–Turning Hidden Messages Back On


I actually taught an Electrical class again! After being buried under a huge project since last August, it was good to get back into AutoCAD Electrical again. If you follow this blog even the slightest bit, you noticed my lack of posts over the past few months.  From my class, I kept a list of things that I thought would make good blog posts. Here is the first one from the list.

When first entering the catalog lookup dialog, the data is filtered by some defaults. Mark Flayler tells us how that default filter works here…

imageClear these filters from the dialog by simply pressing the clear filters button. However after pressing it, a pop up asks if you are sure you want to clear the filters.

In class this week I suggested an engineer check the “Do not show me this again” box. He was hesitant and I suddenly realized I haven't a clue how to get that dialog back once the box is checked.
Lucky for me he didn’t ask. Winking smile

However, later I dug though the AutoCAD Options and just couldn’t find it. I finally discovered, the option to turn it back on is only present if you have checked the “Do not show me this again” box. I would guess there are a number of others that would appear here as well.