Monday, August 23, 2010

Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and P&ID Schematics In AutoCAD Electrical?

Many of you know that AutoCAD Electrical does a wonderful job assisting in the creation and modification of Electrical Controls schematics. But did you know it can also be used to produce Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and P&ID schematics, as well? It sure can.
The Extra Libraries toolbar has been available since before it was even AutoCAD Electrical and those three Icon Menus continue to be available with the introduction of the Ribbon.

Extra Libraries
There is a fairly substantial set of symbols already available for all three. For symbols not provided, you can still create your own using the same Symbol Builder tool you are familiar with for Electrical symbols. Everything works like it does on the Electrical side, only you are dealing with Pipes/Tubing instead of Wires. You can even tie the Tags to the Electrical components using the WDTYPE and the WDTAGALT attributes. Check out the Extra Library Demo project for some examples of what is available.
Wow, all this in a tool you already have.
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  1. By default the WDTYPE must carry one of these as a default value. HY, PN, PI, 1-.

    These values are what tell Electrical this is a hydraulic (HY) symbol.

  2. Thanks! I have also found some helpful P&ID Diagram Examples that are very easy to use through Lucidchart! Give it a try!

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