Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to import components into Electrical from a spreadsheet

First off lets discuss the spreadsheet. The order of the columns means little as these are specified during import.
Don’t bother with a quantity column. Each component must be represented by a row in the spreadsheet. Listed here is a sample spreadsheet.

This can be run from either the Panel tab or the Schematic tab.
Browse to the spreadsheet. Change the extension to .xls.

Press Default settings then edit the spreadsheet columns

Here you specify what each column represents.
Press Ok.

If this is the first time setting the default columns press Save Settings and name the (.wde) settings file. Next time this command is used press Read settings and select this file and the columns will be defined.

Select the items you wish to insert. If inserting footprint, enter a zero in the Rotate field and then press Insert.

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