Sunday, October 7, 2012

Putting a Twist on the Twisted Pair Symbol

This just in... "How to I push the height of the twist to the outside of the other wires?"

                image               image

This symbol is parametrically driven. When inserting it asks UP/DOWN or RIGHT/LEFT. After finding the next wire it then draws poly lines showing the twist. It's a little tricky. If you window select, you can see there is a little block between the broken wires. This block is HT0_TW or VT0_TW. It consists of only invisible attributes and no geometry.

Find these blocks in the default library, copy them to your custom library, and then modify the ACE_OFFSET attribute. A negative number will stay inside the original lines and a positive will push outside. Be sure to include the + or - in front of the offset distance you desire.

imageGreat question! I had a ball trying to figuring this one out.  

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