Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Be Patient More Content Is On The Way…

With AU just around the corner, I have been using any free time I find to work on my presentation. I promise more content is in the works.

Tibetan resistance movementImage used with permission from Laco Mandor Laurincik at http://www.mandor.sk/


  1. Waiting patiently... :)

  2. Hey settle down... I'm not Ohmmmnipresent. Sorry couldn't resist.
    I had a fairly complex block creation post about to go live. But then I noticed I have nothing covering the basics of block creation. So I switched articles. I should have a basic block creation post going live today and a more complex block post later in the week. I have a whole series of "reporting" posts on my list after that.

  3. I just want to say your posts so interesting and useful for me so I'll be happy to see next one. I don't want to hurry up you, really.