Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where Does The wd.env Path Get Set?

The wd.env file is the heart and soul of AutoCAD Electrical. Without it, Electrical won't even load. This file stores default paths and the search order for most of Electricals commands. Note that the project property paths take precedence over the paths in this file.

The default location is ...\My Documents\Acade{version}\AeData. But what if you wish to move it to a network location? Enter the wd_load.lsp file. The wd_load.lsp file is stored in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Acade{version}\Acade. This file is only read when Electrical is started. Within this lisp file is a variable named GBL_wd_DocSetWDBase. This variable defines where Electrical looks for the wd.env file.

The easiest way to switch from a local wd.env to a networked one... rename the local one wd.env.OLD and make sure the network path is listed as one of the the AutoCAD Support Paths. Restart Electrical and verify that its looking to the network.

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