Monday, April 9, 2012

More AutoCAD Electrical 2013 New Features!

Here are a few other new features. If you missed my earlier post of new features its here... AutoCAD Electrical 2013 New Features - Post 1

An Apps Store!

You can install Autodesk Exchange Apps and other 3rd party Apps for your products. Clicking the button opens your web browser to Autodesk Exchange Apps Store When this was posted there were over 50 apps listed and 28 of them were FREE!.

Select the app you want and press install...

The Plug-Ins tab displays the Autodesk Exchange Apps that are currently installed.

List of Manufactures included with 2013
image image  image  image

List of Symbol Libraries included with 2013
AS (Millimeters)
GB (Millimeters)
IEC Legacy (Millimeters)
IEC-60617 (Millimeters)
IEEE (Millimeters)
JIS (Millimeters)
JIC (Inches)
NFPA (Inches)


Updated Autodesk's Cloud Services Commands

The Online tab will end up receiving its own blog post as some point in the near future. Shown here is a comparison between the Electrical 2012 and 2013 Online tab. It has never been easier to share and collaborate with engineers.



Command Line Update

This is really a core AutoCAD change but it affects the Electrical user as well. To see more about this update see John Hackney's post about it here...

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