Wednesday, January 30, 2013


While sorting through some old papers in preparation for taxes, I ran across some long forgotten papers. I was working as a draftsman for Steiner Turf and Brouwer Turf at the time. When I first started we were on AutoCAD 12. Soon after our upgrade to 14 we decided to move into the 3D world and purchased Mechanical Desktop. I was sent to Technical Software for some accelerated training on our new software. 2013-01-26 21.32.37

We designed one sod harvester using MDT. The Rollmax 2400! It rolled 2' by 100' rolls, wrapped them in webbing and discharged them out the SIDE! It was the first harvester of its time to discharge out the side. All others dumped out the rear requiring a fork lift in the field to move the completed rolls before another pass could be made.


We were completely sold on 3D modeling after that. Not only did we design and bring the product to market in short order, we only built one (or two) prototypes. And those were sold into production! However it was decided internally that MDT was being replaced by Autodesk's new 3D software named Inventor. Since we were so new with 3D modeling, we decided it would be better to switch then rather than wait until Autodesk pulled the plug. (Who knew MDT would make it all the way to 2009) The Rollmax 2400 was our only complete project created in MDT.

We tried to figure out Inventor but it was so different from MDT. It also didn't help that we were all new to 3D. So once again I was sent to a training class. However this time the sign had changed. IMAGINiT Technologies was the new name. In the year 2000 Rand Worldwide purchased Technical Software and started the very first IMAGINiT Technologies office.

2013-01-26 21.33.132013-01-26 21.33.23

Fast forward to six years ago today! I decided against interviewing for an IMAGINiT AE position in Orlando, FL and instead chose Avatech's Charlotte, NC office. Approximately four years later IMAGINiT and Avatech merged. I'm pretty sure one of the reasons for the merger was IMAGINiT still being sore over me not choosing them first. At any rate, I ended up back where I originally received my first 3D training. Pretty cool right?

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